Frequently Asked Questions on Teachers Assistant

School Assistants: Questions and answers for phase 2 School Assistants programme advertised September 2021. 

What positions are available? 

Education Assistants to assist with teaching & learning in classrooms General School Assistants to help with Infrastructure Maintenance, offer Psychosocial Support /Counselling and as Sports & Enrichment Assistants

 How many positions are available? 

Positions are available in all 9 provinces across South Africa. +- 197 000 Education Assistants (EAs) +- 95 000 General School Assistants (GSAs). In total 287 000 positions are available. 

How long is the contract? 

The contract is for 5 months (approximately 1 November 2021- 31 March 2022). 

How much will I get per month? 

The stipend will be R3827.44 per month minus the UIF contribution of R38 per month. 

Who can apply? 

Aged 18-35 (must not turn 36 before 31 March 2022 – except for LSEN schools where there is no age limit) 

• Must live within walking distance from the location of the school 

• Only one opportunity can be taken up per household 

• Must not be employed, studying, or training (even part-time) 

• Must NOT be receiving government grants (NSFAS, Funza Lushaka, other COVID grant/s) 

• Cannot have a criminal record 

• They must meet the criteria per job category

Apply For the Teachers Assistant and General School Assistant