SALARY : R1 978 533 per annum (Level 16) (All-inclusive package to be structured in
accordance with the rules for SMS plus 10% non-pensionable Head of
Department allowance) (This is a performance-based contract position of five
(5) years).
CENTRE : Pretoria

REQUIREMENTS : Successful completion of Pre-entry Certificate for SMS as endorsed by the
NSG. Bachelor’s Degree or Advanced Diploma (NQF Level 7) and a
Postgraduate qualification (NQF Level 8) in relevant areas of Agriculture, Land
Administration, Rural Development as recognised by SAQA. Postgraduate
qualification in Business Administration, Project Management or Public
Administration will be an added advantage. Eight (8) to ten (10) years relevant
experience at executive managerial level in a large organisation of which at
least three (3) years’ experience within any organ of state and the ability to
provide strategic leadership and direction to the current team. Job Related
Knowledge: Applicants must have sound knowledge and understanding of the
following: Knowledge of Public Service Legislation. Knowledge and
understanding of relevant legal frameworks. Thorough understanding of the
political mandate of the Department. Understanding of key government
priorities. Knowledge and experience in Land Reform, Policy and Rural
Development. Thorough knowledge and understanding of the Public Finance
Management Act (PFMA). Ability to provide strategic leadership aimed at
supporting the vision and mission of the Department. Ability to implement
outcome-based performance management system. Extensive managerial
experience in the management of financial and human resources. Proven
ability to innovate. Ability to initiate and support organisational transformation
and change. Ability to explore and implement new ways of delivering service.
Ability to work together with civil society, business, academia and the
international community. Highly developed liaison skills. Job Related Skills:
Strategic capability and leadership. People management and empowerment.
Financial management. Communication and negotiation. Monitoring and
evaluation. Coordination and facilitation. Programme and Project
management. Change management. Knowledge management. Service
delivery innovation. Problem-solving and analysis. Client orientation and
customer focus. A valid driver’s license. Passion to drive the Department’s
critical mandate in ensuring and creating equal opportunities for rural
communities by creating the necessary platforms for economic and social
transformation and sustainability.

DUTIES : Improve governance and service excellence. Ensure compliance with
government legal prescripts. Create an environment for innovation in service
delivery. Build strong internal controls. Oversee the effectiveness of internal
controls, governance and risk management of all business process. Ensure full
compliance with policies. Support effective change management and capacity
development. Oversee comprehensive result based on planning, monitoring
and evaluation that drives performance of the Department and ensures delivery
on expected outcomes. Oversee the effective, fair management of human
resources; information and communication technology services; legal and
legislation development services; the provision of strategic communication
services; corporate support integration and reporting services; and the
management of effective, efficient, economical and transparent use of financial
resources within the Department. Oversee the rendering of safety and security
services; and coordinate provincial and district operations of departmental
services and programmes. Ensure Spatial Transformation, effective and
efficient land administration. Oversee spatial integration-coordination,
integrated and cohesive national development enabling economic growth and
spatial transformation at scale. Oversee development of an Integrated Land
Administration System; the target of achieving equitable access to land; the
review of applicable legislation, namely Deeds and Cadastral; the creation of a
uniform, recognisable and comprehensive system of Spatial Planning and
Land Use Management that promotes social inclusion, economic inclusion,
equal opportunity and equal access to government services. Oversee the
management of processes relating to the National Spatial Development
Framework (NSDF); and the finalisation of the Integrated Land Administration
System (ILAS) Framework approval. Redress and provide equitable access to
land and producer support. Oversee the implementation of the National Policy
Comprehensive Producer Development Support (NPCPDS) by implementers
to achieve food security, sustainable productivity and production in order to
achieve the sustainable development goal. Oversee the development and
coordination of policies and programmes in support of the implementation of
land reform. Oversee the strive towards equitable access to land, land
distributed to previously disadvantaged individuals allows them to effectively
participate in land utilisation for agriculture, housing or commercial use.
Coordinate and manage restitution support services and financial support
programmes; Oversee the identification and mapping-out of restituted farms
and the provision of smallholder producers with comprehensive support
packages to enable participation in the mainstream economy. Increase
production in the Agriculture Sector. Oversee strategic guidance and
frameworks for the development of legislation, policies and strategies in
relation to animal production (this includes game farming/wildlife ranching) and
plant production. Oversee coordination of participation in national, regional and
international structures for purposes of promoting and managing agricultural
production. Provide strategic and policy leadership with regards to sustainable
natural resources. Increase market access and maintenance of existing
markets. Oversee market access initiatives – ability of agribusinesses to
penetrate and participate in mainstream value chains and agricultural exports.
Oversee the provision of comprehensive support for small businesses sand the
implementation of trade agreements by trading partners, adherence to product
standards (Global-Gap), Product competitiveness in global market and the
buying power of trading partners. Initiate and oversee trade policy reform.
Oversee trade facilitation and implementation – infrastructure, regulatory
framework, trade agreement; the provision of capacity and skills for traderelated infrastructure; the implementation the international Relations Strategy.
Oversee prioritisation of high return industries and avail support programmes.
Oversee the leveraging private sector investments with public investment.
Ensure integrated and inclusive rural economy. Oversee planning and
coordination in the provision of basic services and rural town development
(inclusive of job creation in rural areas); the mobilisation and organisation of
rural communities (inclusive of job creation in rural areas), and the support to
rural enterprises and operationalising Agri-parks comprising of three distinct
but interrelated basic components namely the Farmer production Support
Units, Agri-Hubs and Rural Urban Market Centres; the initiation of enabling
rural development legislation and the Rural Development policy and Rural
Development Strategy. Ensure extensive stakeholder involvement across all
spheres of government. Enhance biosecurity and effective disaster risk
reduction. Oversee strategic guidance and frameworks for the development of
legislation, policies and strategies in animal health, plant health, food safety,
disaster risk management and protection of the environment. Oversee the
provision of strategic guidance and frameworks for the development of
legislation, policies and strategies in relation to quality assurance and
inspection services. Oversee coordination of participation in national, regional
and international structures for purposes of promoting and managing
agricultural production, food safety, biosecurity and disaster risk management.
Oversee community networks created to support government initiatives to
promote biosecurity.
ENQUIRIES : Ms K Kgang Tel No: (012) 319 7333
APPLICATIONS : Please ensure that you email your application to:
before the closing date as no late applications will be considered